1RU Fix Mount Type, Black (imported)

We have Introduced 19” Rack Mount Fix Mount Type Economical LIUs/FMS/FDMS with Front 3 Adaptor Plate Changeable {select either SC Duplex, SC Simplex, LC Duplex or ST or FC} all options are available now !!!


This Economical Series has integrated Splice Tray, Half Cable Spool, 4*Cable Gland with 4*Independent Fiber Entry from back side. Black Frosted Surface Powder Coating with High Quality CRCA Steel used.

Technical Specifications
Size 433x280x1U
Color Black Frosted
Model Fix Mount Type
Weight 3kg
Material Cold Steel 1.2mm
Key Features
  • ​Removable Front Adaptor Panel design can meet different configuration as per case to case requirement.
  • Distinctive design of 4 cable entrance from back side with 4* fixing arrangements for Armored fiber. 
  • Body make use of cold rolling steel & Shelf with high quality cold rolled plate, light weight, high strength, epoxy-static spray, beautiful shape, easy to use.
  • Splice tray overlay structure, flexible configuration, operation and maintenance convenient and quick.
  • Inside cable spool for fiber distribution, pigtails can dress well and Cable gland at back side for armored cable fixing
  • Full protection of jump made fibers, and to ensure that its bend radius >=40mm.
  • The core have 6cores, 12cores, 24 cores and 48cores, available SC/LC/ST
How to order?
H8CNW2025C - 19" Rack Mount LIU/FMS, Fix type - 1RU with 3*Front Slot for Adaptor Plates. inside Cable Spool, Stud & Fixing Clamp with 4 fiber entry {Unloaded} BLACK Frosted Surface