NETLINK is a regional communications service contractor specializing in Voice and Data cabling. We design, implement and support highly dependable, scalable and secure network cabling systems. We are uniquely qualified in the design, installation, and maintenance of today’s mission critical Structured Cabling Systems, Campus Distribution systems. IT is one of the most rapidly expanding as well as challenging field in modern technology Businesses worldwide that want to stay successful have an insatiable need for PC NETWORKS. Your PC NETWORK has the potential to be company’s single most effective productivity tool.

Our Prime ability have enhanced NETLINK to get more and more connectivity......

  •     Premises Certified Structured cabling specialists

With over 15 years of collective experience, NETLINK has successfully installed large-scale structured cabling solutions in varied environments. Structured cabling is the foundation of a successful, intelligent network and the basic investment on which all other network equipment depends. A high-performance network is the lifeline for most businesses, the overall platform to meet all your data communications needs. NETLINK designed structured cabling will support near-future applications with seamless upgrade capabilities and provide long-term value to your company.

  •     Cable Management Solutions

Installing adequate cable management in your comms rooms and wiring closets from the start, is crucial to ensuring you are not left with a jungle of cables further down the road. Front, side and rear cable management should be installed in all cabling racks to provide cable routes and cable management. If you feel your comms room or wiring closets are becoming cable jungles, we may be able to help by installing cable management and re-patching cables.

  •     Quality solution built with the future in mind

A high - performance network is the lifeline for most business, the overall platform to meet all your data communications needs.NETLINK designed structured cabling will support near-future applications with seamless upgrade capabilities and provide long- term value to your company.

  •     Reliable , manageable, high - performance solution

As a single source provider of integratde low voltage cabling infrastructure solutions for business large and small,NETLINK offers a whole range of low voltage voice and data cabling products and services.We provide wide -range of structured cabling subsystems,including entry, horizontal and backbone cabling services following rigorous ANSI/TIA and EIA standards.

At NETLINK, we specialize in helping our clients meet their business goals by providing Integrated Networking Solutions classified as LAN, MAN & WAN. Our services help give our clients the ZERO DOWNTIME NETWORKS to enhance their performance.

Our Mission:

To provide our clients in the business community with effective and efficient technical solutions, while creating a rewarding and challenging environment for our professional technical staff. We have a vision to strive for excellence and the best-integrated solution provider in our territory in the short span of time.

Our Principles:

Our Clients come first. We are interested in the success of our technical staff and in turn, our technical staff is interested in the success of clients.

  • We are committed to excellence. Excellence is the standard our clients expect. It is our responsibility to model that standard every day.
  • Quality is the hallmark of our services.
  • We never sacrifice quality for growth.
  • We strive to continually meet or exceed our business client’s expectation.

Our Commitment to You:

The NETLINK professional team will keep your IT project cutting edge throughout each and every phase of its development. From initiation to on-going maintenance, NETLINK provide every possible solution to keep your Network productive always.