System / Equipment / Link Power Cords

Optimized Power Distribution for the Mission Critical Data Centre. Secure, Flexible, High Availability Power Supply suitable for Tier I to Tier IV Data Centers.

An efficient un-interrupted power supply is essential for all Server Rooms and Data Centers.  The physical Power Distribution System must be scalable as well as flexible.  The ability for the power infrastructure to be changed quickly and easily is especially important for Test Environments as well as High Density Mission Critical applications.  All of this has to be done in a cost effective way with no downtime or disruption to operations. 

We at NETLINK offers Import version High Quality IEC Power Cords for Blade Server as well as Critical Network Components with 24x7 application. They are highly reliable and meets all safety standards of typical Data Centre and high on quality with pure copper cordage used.

Power Cords are plugged into the outlet side of the whip. Equipment in data centers are stored on a rack. This rack has multiple power cords running through it in order to keep all of the equipment running. Each piece of equipment has different and specific power needs that the whip must accommodate to. It’s important to consider the number and size of the wires that make up a whip in order for the power flow to be successful and safe.