Patch Cord Labels 49 Labels per A4 Sheet - New

Patch Cord Labels for SCS LAN Cabling

Introducing Self Laminated Patch Cord Labels for data centre rack installation and cable dressing and easy identify and high work area where LAN Cable are terminated and dress inside rack room.

This new category has 49 Labels / A4 Sheet, 1 Pkt = 2450 Labels, with 2 Line printing application. You can print from your office LASER printer.

These Labels are having Panduit Replica - 49 Labels in One A4 Paper Sheet. 2 Line Write-up with small wrap around portion, just like Panduit Patch Cods labels. It has 49 Labels per A4 Sheet. Packing available are 1Pk. = 50*A4 Sheet x 49 Labels = 2450 Labels per Packet. MOQ = 1 Pk. minimum to get Software Printing Template free.  

Only White color available.