Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners for SCS LAN Cable Dressing

Every installer wants to save time and make the installation of electronics systems as easy as possible. Having a system that is simple and quick to service and upgrade benefits both the installer and the customer. When care is given to the management and maintained of cable entering the rack or enclosure system, the goals of providing customers with neat, organized and effective system are easily attained.

Today’s electronic systems wiring includes voice, data, video, audio, security and control. The facilities and wiring systems must be planned in an integrated manner; all these different wires make their way into racks of equipment.

Managing these cables creates some interesting challenges, as wire bend radius and fastening must meet industry standards, even inside the rack, With video going over twisted pair and digital audio transmitted through CAT-5e / CAT-6 / CAT-6A, it is apparent that audio/video systems integrators should be familiar with the associated standards. Additionally, more devices are being controlled and monitored via Ethernet nodes.

Introduced first time in India - LAN Cable "Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners" with special surface back-2-back Single Tape, suits best for esthetical look of Server Rack/Network Rack against conventional type Male to Female cloth Fasteners.