27 Labels per A4 Sheet for LASER Printer

Patch Cord Labels for SCS LAN Cabling

Cable markers/labels are an easy solution in such Areas. Therefore we have introduced Patch Cord Labels - “Self Laminated A4 Polyester type” Laser Printable labels that can be customized in a software for easy printing.

Self-laminating labels include a colored print-on area and clear over laminate to protect the legend for clear and durable identification. Available in polyester material and supplied on 8.50" x 11.00" sheets;

This Labels are having more write-up space and have long wrap around portion. It has 27Labels per A4 Sheet. Packing available are 1Pk. = 10*A4 Sheet x 27 Labels = 270 Labels per Packet. MOQ = 2 Pk. minimum to get Software Programme free !!! Major colors available are White and Yellow.