Hook and Loop Fasteners Rolls

Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners for SCS LAN Cable Dressing

This roll of "Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners" is just what you need for that special LAN/DATA CENTER/High Density Cabling project. Cleaning up the inside of your Rack never has been this easy. Reusable "Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners" straps can help increase your air flow and spruce up the cluttered interior. These  "Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners" Rolls un-like cloth type, specially meant for Rack dressing and gives you neat and clean cable dressing inside racks with good binding strength.

Newly introduced 100% Nylon, thicker material this time with more Transverse Tensile strength for holding cable bunching tight and you can do as much wrap/unwrap application inside rack dressing easy without losing fastening force of back-2-back surface.