Fiber Optic DIN Rail Enclosures

Fiber Optic Rack Mount LIU / FMS / WM LIU / FTB

This Economical series of Enclosures is the perfect choice to mount either to standard 35mm DIN rail or directly to a wall for convenient installation in any location. These boxes are perfect for transitioning outdoor rated to indoor rated cables without the need to install an entire rack enclosure or panel system. 

The Din Rail LIU can be configured with any connector style including ST, FC, SC & LC – PC or APC – Single Mode or Multi Mode OM2 & OM3. DIN Rail fiber optic Enclosures offer a rugged and versatile product line ideal for secure terminations within industrial settings. The Enclosures can accommodate One Front Adapter plate (select from wide choices of different types of Fiber Couplers) and include a splice block for fusion splicing up to 24 fibers.

DIN Rail enclosures are manufactured with a robust all metal construction that protects the cable terminations in even the most adverse environmental conditions. Its compact size allows for minimum space requirements when installed in control cabinets.