Fiber Optic Rack Mount LIU / FMS / WM LIU / FTB

Netlink manufactures a wide variety of fiber enclosures for all your project needs, including Rack-Mount and Wall-Mount, 1RU & zero-U, high density, and application-specific models.

We've got Rack-Mount Enclosures and splice trays that fit in your server racks, Wall-Mount enclosures to save precious space, and outdoor enclosures that stand up to extreme conditions. Your fiber cables have to terminate somewhere, so make sure you've got the right enclosure solution designed specially to protect them.

These interconnect enclosures provide a convenient convergence point for interconnecting and/or splicing in Rack/Wall Mount applications. The enclosure features a well-engineered solution for fiber and cable management on both the ingress and egress openings of the enclosure.

Robust steel construction ensures the highest level of protection for sensitive components while integrated roll-formed hinges eliminate possible fiber pinch points when installing or servicing components within.