Introduced Optical Fiber Cleaver
Dt: Jul 4, 2015

H8C-107 Series High Precision Fiber Cleaver is the Highly-Precision Fiber Cutting Tool, suitable for 200um to 1000um coating fiber and 125um cladding fiber. The 16-posit...      read more...

LAN Patch Cord Labels Economical Bulk option
Dt: Aug 3, 2015

A4 Self Laminated UTP/STP LAN Patch Cord Labels Printeble with Office Laser Printer

Self-laminating labels include a colored print-on area and clear over laminate to...      read more...

Visual Fault Locator {VFL} - Pen Type Laser Gun
Dt: Jul 24, 2015

This type VFL is specially designed for field personnel who need an efficient and economical tool for fiber tracing, fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks. It finds breakpoin...      read more...

“Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners” for SCS RACK/LAN Cable Dressing

This roll of “Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners” for SCS RACK/LAN Cable Dressing is just what you need for that special LAN/DATA CENTER/High Density Cabling project. Cleaning up...      read more...

Indian Power Cord - IEC/Indian Round-Pin

We have started Manufacturing AC Power Cords for Networking Equipments & Servers with highly reliable Copper Cable & End Plugs. These Power Cords are using ISI Cordage with...      read more...

19" Rack Mount Sliding Drawer Type LIU/FMS
Dt: Dec 1, 2015

Our New Imported Slide-out Rack-Mount Panel provides a simple, high-density, low profile solution for easy access and management of fiber optic terminations in a 1U-rack space design. The rack-m...      read more...

Imported Rack Mount LIU & FMS Economical Model Introduced
Dt: Nov 25, 2015

Introduced Newly Imported 19" 1U Rack Mount LIU and FMS. Fully Loaded inside with Front 3 Adaptor Plates with various options like - FC/ST/SC and LC

Front Port as required.

...     

Dt: Jul 30, 2015

Introducing UTP/STP CAT-6 and CAT-6A Patch Cord labelling Solution for wrap around application for easy identification of particular cables in data center and high density area application.