Fiber Terminal Box, Indoor/Outdoor WM/Pole Mounted

Fiber Optic Rack Mount LIU / FMS / WM LIU / FTB

This fiber Terminal box is for indoor/outdoor application, with 24 fiber termination capacity (48 fiber for LC connectors). It is usually located in the user access point, to terminate, distribute of trunk fiber cable or drop cables for FTTH or other functions. In FTTx-ODN network this fiber terminal box can be used with optical splitters, while achieving spectral functions.

Widely used in “Fiber To The Home” access network, Telecommunication network, CATV network, Data communication network, Local Access network. This Fiber Enclosure is designed for use in both indoor
and outdoor applications.

It has the capacity to hold maximum number of 24 single fusion splices. The trunk cables enter the enclosure on the bottom left corner, and there are 4 cable entrances on the bottom right side that multiple drop cables can exit out of. The enclosure can be locked with a small padlock or a locking terminator.