Our technical staff has experience and certification ina broad range of best -of-breed solutions for the physical layer infrastructure.Our focus on this market and our depth of knowledge of cabling issues as well as our experience with a wide array of IT projects are key differentiators when we are compared to other consulting companies and resellers.

Netlink provides testing and certification of cabling systems to determine if the quality of installation,components and materials will meet required specifications and performance guidelines that guarantee network performance.Our technicians and trained and certified with FLUKe's fiber and copper network testers.Our installation team has the latest version of FLUKE copper testers that provide channel or link testing.Our fiber technicians can provide fusion splicing ,hot melt or crimp type terminations and testing using the latest OTDRs and fusion splicres available.

We are confident that our quality of installation and stringent testing practices will result in the most reliable structured cabling system.

  •     Campus Wide Fiber Optic Networking - OS1 Singlemode, OM1,2,3 Multimode, intra-building, within building
  •     Certified CAT-6/CAT-6A Copper LAN – Design & Implementation Structured Cabling Voice & Data Cabling, VOIP cabling
  •     Higher End Networking Switching Solutions – Fiber/Copper Layer 2, Layer 3 & Chasis multilayer
  •     Fiber end to end work – Fusion Splicing, OTDR, Scanner testing
  •     25 Years Vendor’s Site Certification towards Product Performance, warranty
  •     Network Trouble Shooting & AMC Contract
  •     Wireless Network Solutions

Service. With us You expect it… You deserve more. Today’s light-speed technology incessantly demands for the fastest, the brightest… the best. Yet even in this progressively geared market, the fundamentals of quality service carry greater importance than ever before. It is common knowledge that business success is still about building relationships – bridging the gap between our services and your needs. That “everyday” rapport we strive to establish through our service translates into superior solutions for your IT issues.

NETLINK has experienced steady, quality-focused growth. Our growth and advancement is planned essentially on an exhaustive and on-going analysis of current business needs in the market, & staying abreast of emerging technology.

Not only the best products, but also the prime focus we have at NETLINK is to undertake campus wide fiber optic & Copper (structured cabling) projects, including designing and successful implementation of complete Network. We are offering special services like

  • Fiber Splicing – Fusion/Mechanical
  • Termination
  • Testing with Power Meter (db loss)
  • OTDR testing for end-to-end Fiber testing.

We are also providing 15 years Performance Warranty Certification for the sites!