1RU Imported Fully ABS Cable Manager, 80mm H

Imported ABS Plastic fully moulded single Pc design with 10 - Wide Slit Suitable for high density Cable Installation. It can be used for Wall Mount as well as Floor Standing Rack. The top Cover is Press -2- Fit Lock type. It has 2 - Long Capsule Cut-out at the bottom for more Cable In/Out dressing form front to back and Vice a Versa.
Be compatible with 19-inch equipment rack, cabinets, and wall mount shelf, suitable for interaction and termination of horizontal cabling between devices, equipment and centralized points.

Technical Specifications
Key Features

* Made of high quality ABS plastic to avoid scratching, with detachable surface faceplate design
* Accomplish a clean and beautiful cabling system with simple, flexible, effective, convenient and safe feature
* Unique exterior design, simple, compact and beautiful
* Black appearance enables its combination of any other equipment in data center
* Allows to organize & manage your patch cords easily.
* Light weight plastic construction provide durability and easy installation.
* Flexible fingers allow easy installation and remove cable.
* Round edges - protect cables from snags & Damages.
* Pass - through holes allow front to rear cabling.
* Increased finger spacing provides larger area for high perfomance CAT-6 and CAT-6A cables.
* Mounts to standard 19” EIA racks and cabinets.
* Heavy Duty Carbon Steel with Black Matte fnish.
* 2 Capsule Slot at bottom for more Cable in/out.

How to order?
H8CNW2003 - CABLE MANAGEMENT, 19" Horizontal 1U, 10-Slit, ABS, Imported