1RU Telescopy Channel Sliding Drawer New Type, Black (Imported)

Import Product - Our New type Slide-out Rack-Mount Panel provides a simple, high-density, low profile solution for easy access and management of fiber optic terminations in a 1U-rack space design. The rack-mount sliding tray panel accommodates up to 24 fibers in ST, SC, LC and FC connector interfaces. The sliding-tray is equipped with slack-fiber storage spools, and comes complete with a number of cable management devices for organizing cables entering and exiting the panel. Splicing tray is also provided in the sliding tray.

Technical Specifications
Size 433x300x1U
Color Black Frosted
Model 19" Rack Mount Sliding Drawer Type
Weight 4kg
Material Cold Steel 1.2mm
Key Features
  • Removable Front Adaptor Panel design can meet different configuration as per case to case requirement.
  • Has provision for up to 24/48 fiber splices.
  • Front Slide-Out Panel design for ease of Installation, inspection and testing
  • With a high quality metal track, can be easily withdrawing. This Sliding Track/Channel can easy to pulled and pushed.
  • Stackable design, sufficient room provided for storage of excess cable.
  • Rubber grommets are provided at the cable Entry point for tight sealing.
  •  The fiber spools provide min. bending  radius.
  • Distinctive design of 4 cable entrance from back side with 4* fixing arrangements for Armored fiber.
How to order?
H8CNW2043 - 19" Rack Mount LIU/FMS, Sliding Drawer type - 1RU with 3*Front Slot for Adaptor Plates, inside Cable Spool, Stud & Fixing Claimp with 4 fiber entry {Unloaded} BLACK