3/4" 20mm, Black, 22M

These 20mm "Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners" Rolls are useful for Cable bunching, the cables which goes inside Patch Panel termination inside Rack.It is also used in Trans/Cable Trays for laying and tightening the horizontal cable towards Rack Enclosure from Work Station area. Width Size is = 20mm and Colour = Black. 

Technical Specifications
Key Features
  • Self-griping and very handy just attach the tie to the cord by passing the tie through its loop
  • High Finished Material
  • Best suits to CAT-5/CAT-5E/CAT-6 & CAT-6A application
  • Long life, Superior quality
  • Re-usable and wrap-unwrap and save time
  • Increase Air Flow and give your fabulous look inside Rack
  • Very useful for Neat and Clean Rack dressing
  • Control over Near End Cross Talk - Next and RL
How to order?
H8CNW2085 - "Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners" Roll, 3/4" 20mm, BLACK {1Roll = 22 Mtr.}