LAN Cable Comb/Bunching Tool

Code: H8CNW2160

New Network Cable Comb provide you a new solution to handle the bundle cables. It is just like a cable organizer to help you to organizes tangled wires of various sizes and lengths and let all cables become neat & beautiful! We design this cable organizer can be used for the cable OD from 5.1mm to 7.5mm and the exibility material provide you easy and quick to put & pull the cables from the cable organizer.

Technical Specifications
(1) Dimension :-  75mmDiameter / 20mmThickness
(2) No of Slots :- 8
(3) Cable Capacity :-  24 ( 8 Slots x 3 Nos)
(4) Cable Hole Diameter :-  8.5mm
(5) Operating Temperature Range :-  20° C TO 80° C.
(6) Suitable cable OD :-  Ø 5.1~Ø7.5 MM
Key Features

(1) Reduces cable installation time up to 50% compared to traditional methods
(2) Arrange cables in up to 24 positions for optimal bundle size and aesthetics
(3) Unique design allows twist-free bundling from the end or the middle of bundle
(4) Smooth edges; safe for use on network cables preventing cable abrasion
(5) Impact resistant material and low friction design to glide smoothly across cable bundle

How to order?
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