LCD Cable Tester with Length Measurement

Network Cable is the best choice to verify any speed and data cable installation procedure. The tester is capable to have a number of tests such as cable connection sequence and length.  It is a useful tool to reduce cable installation cost and save cable installation time.

Cable Tester with LCD display that shows the results obtained is a clear and complete. The tester has two RJ45 Female (Main and Loopback) to test installed cables (leads).


Technical Specifications
Key Features
  • Check wiring error in CAT-5E & CAT-6E Cable.
  • Check Cable Sequence, Wiremap
  • Use TDR {time domain reflect meter), Measure length and distance
  • Find the determine open circuit & short circuit
  • Determine continuity and wiring pattern
  • Simple and easy use. Big screen to display test result clear.
  • Automatically time delay shut off.
How to order?
H8CNW2070 - Tools - Network Cable Tester - Basic Multifunctional Network Tester for UTP CAT-5, 5e & 6 with TDR {Length Measurement} 8108