Vertical IEC C13 PDU 18way

Code: RCO769-NEW
Category: Rack PDUs
Sub-Category: Vertical IEC Type

Vertical 16A PDU  having  C13 10A  18 way Computer Socket with MCB Protection and LED Power Indication. Heavy duty Metal Body 0RU size with Universal Mounting Clamp suitable for fitting inside any make of Rack. Very Compact, Sleek Profile and bus-bar 2.5SQ.MM inside wiring for 24X7 application. Available with different Input Plug option.

Technical Specifications
Key Features
  • 16A and 32A both Model available
  • Heavy duty Metal Body - Size 0
  • Compact Sleek profile, suitable for fitting inside any make
  • Universal fitting clamps provided - side mounting/top mounting ,fit with ease
  • Cable Gland @ bottom for Mains Power Cord entry  from Rack bottom cut-out
  • All models are having MCB protection mandatory with High Beam LED Indicator for Power On
  • Socket Spacing in each model are well design, taking  care of long boot Power Cord also
  • FR grade ISI 3* core Mains Power Cord with either  2.5 sq. mm
How to order?
RCO769-NEW - 16A PDU Vertical - 16A MCB, LED Power, 18*Socket IEC 320 C13 Socket with 2.5*3core 3 Meter Mains Cable with 16A Anchor Plug